Merino-sport, Outdoors shop for merino wool gear including outdoors sports

Merino-sport is an online shop that accept order in the United States and in the United Kingdom. We are specialist of Merino gears, such as Merino wool Socks, wool Baselayers, Merino vest, merino Beanie, soft merino long-john.

Our selection of merino sport gear will allow you different outdoors activity anytime during the year. It can be light hiking, trekking, climbing, camping, ski, snowshoes.

We offer a wide range to product to fit everyone needs. Wool thickness fabrics can vary depending the level of insulation used.

For example, the Merino gear Manufacturer Woolpower offers 3 majors fabrics : LITE wool, 200 Merino wool and 400 Merino Wool. Their wool are not pure wool but a blend that has the advantage to be stronger for "heavy duty" application and still being confortable.

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